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Assignment 10: Implication of the “Always On” digital life

Growing up in the age of digital media we are the only generation that really can discuss the effects of Digital media since we have lived in both the end of the Analog era and the beginning of the Digital era. Our generation, also known as generation Y, is made up of individuals born between 1982 and 1995 making us the generation that has grown up with access to technology in our every day of their lives.

It is a constant discussion and fear of those part of the older  generations that kids are growing up dependent on digital media and are missing out on life outside of  the digital world. So how much time do we spend actually spend with technology?

Well , the numbers vary from individual to individual, but the Pie charts below represent the average usage of digital media in my weekly schedule.   The first chart shows that about a third, 38%, of my week is spent using digital media. I consider my usage of  digital media to be below average so it is probably safe to assume that most people, in my generation, spend 50+ percent  of their time using digital media on a weekly basis.

The second chart below, shows how much of time I spend using digital media broken down into the different digital applications.

From looking at the pie chart it can be easily noticed that most of my digital media use is spent doing homework through the use of internet and word processing applications, but what are my digital habits when I’m not doing school work. As Watkins mentions in The Young and the Digital, “Today, we can view video clips, listen to our favorite music downloads, squeeze in a game, access user generated content, or just about anything else in smaller quicker doses, thus making these digital delights all-pervading and irresistible (157).” That precisely covers what I’m doing on the computer or on my smart phone. As I’m writing this blog, I have the document going  in one screen and I have a mix of internet radio, websites and Facebook going in another window so I can easily switch back and forth, multi-tasking in a sense. According to Watkins ” The great irony of multi tasking – that its overall goal, getting more done in less time, turns out to be chimerical (165).”  But in reality, I don’t feel like I’m doing all of these things to get more done in less time but to be fully connected and use all of my resources to satisfy the demands of digital culture. I don’t think multitasking is correct i think Digital A.D.D. is more appropriate. In today’s digital world you don’t have an excuse to be un informed, because everything is at your fingertips.

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